"I had been thinking about learning yoga for a couple of years and did not know where to turn. A friend, who had studied with Sharon and then moved away, felt strongly that she was the perfect teacher for me. Wow- was she right! Sharon has worked with me to develop a home practice that has helped eliminate my sciatica, reduce my stress, and become all around healthier. And, most importantly, I FEEL GREAT! Yoga has really changed my life."
    - Larry Closs, CEO/Entrepreneur

"Iyengar yoga has taught me to be more aware of my body and focus on alignment. I've worked with Sharon, both privately and in group classes, and I now have a regular home practice. In this way, over time, I've been able to heal a tear in my rotator cuff as well as a tear in my knee. Practicing yoga has also helped me learn how to relax both the body and the mind."
    - Connie Kitchen

"Sharon's focus on proper alignment has helped me improve my posture and maintain flexibility. In addition, she's guided me through some poses that help me relax and manage stress. I'm still struggling to maintain a consistent home practice and attending classes regularly definitely helps."
    - Lori Keeffe, Retired Financial Executive

"The only thing I regret in life is not starting Iyengar Yoga earlier. Yoga has made me more flexible and stronger. Sharon is an expert instructor with a refined eye for what each person's body is doing and not doing."
    - Andrew Hunter, MSW candidate, SUNO

"Many aspects of my life are, if not physically stationary, then physically repetitive. Beyond the mental renewal that yoga provides, I value it most for addressing and counteracting that physical stagnation that my day to day life brings."
    -Forest Mannan, PhD candidate, Tulane University

"After going to classes in the Iyengar tradition as well as other yoga traditions in multiple countries over a 10 year period and trying to start a home practice, I progressed further with Sharon's guidance in six months than I had in the previous 10 years. Every class, I learned something new about asanas I thought I was familar with. Sharon put me in the moment and caused me to think more than I had before, which enabled me to have the confidence to start a home practice."
    - Rick Boebel semi-retired college professor

"I just thought you should know that the blood pressure routine has already brought my numbers back down to a normal range. t feels great, too, and look forward to my evening practice 3-4 times a week. Thank you!"
    - Male 57 years old, Jackson. MS

"I just want to tell you that overall my back has felt better in the last week than it has in a long time. I'm so pleased and hopeful! I do believe it's the combination of not doing so many of the things I'd been doing, and doing the new poses you gave me. They feel good immediately. So, thank you, thank you.
    - Rachel Luft, Associate Professor, UNO

"I just want you to know that you changed my body and spirit for the better. Thank you! In your classes, I learned that doing the poses with good alignment is the key to yoga and a gateway to awareness and health. You are skilled at teaching alignment and adjusting the poses for each person's body and ability. You do it with grace and make it fun. Again, thank you!
    - Diane Baumgart, retired professor